Sammy's Still Got It !!!!

May 29, 2012 by jbrown4692

I was at the show in Pryor,Oklahoma sunday. I took a shitload of pics( over 200 just of Chickenfoot). Cant post any of them here because they are all around 3.5 MB pics. If anybody wants to see them just email me. That includes you Sammy !!!! They are AWESOME pro quality pics. I impressed myself!!! I'm talking SERIOUSLY GREAT PICTURES !!

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Mandy Buck's picture

I would love to see the pics we were in Lake Tahoe and got some great videos they are posted here and on Youtube look up supergehrig on Youtube, my email address is Thanks for sharing.

Rockin'Vet4Life's picture

We'd graciously love to see the pics you took ! He rocked the HOB in Atlantic City .... then again, he ROCKS the house no matter where he is and/or who he is with !!

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I would LOVE to see some pics. Just saw the show in Houston last night. Sammy ROCKS!!!!!! Love it!!!!! We had a blast. (

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Love to see the pictures! Just saw them in Detroit, show was amazing!!! Stayed up late and watched them on HDNET at Rocklahoma, can't get enough Chickenfoot!! E-mail me at

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We were there too...What a great show...CF just rocked the house. You can email me at

I would love to see what you took!

Get to see them again tonight in Houston!!