Going to Cabo for the Birthday Bash?

October 03, 2012 by JBoDEAN

To those going to CABO for the birthday bash. Head on over to http://sammyhagar.net and say hi, and post what show you are going to, dates you'll be down there, and where you are staying. Look forward to meeting a lot of new friends and faces! Most of the fan's I've met have been St Louis or Detroit fans, so I am anxious to meet a lot more from around the world! I'll be at the 10/11 show. I also setup a Facebook Event to see who is going to the 10/11 show, so if you are on FB, head over to https://www.facebook.com/events/401461803241852/ and RSVP!

See you in Cabo


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JBoDEAN's picture

Ill keep an eye out for you guys. I won't have my phone on, but will have my computer to check messages.Maybe we all can meet up some afternoon for some drinks!


scottys26's picture

Coming from Chicago, staying at the RIU Santa Fe October 6-12. Let's party.

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So happy you were able to get some tix for your anniversary we will be at the 11th show also!!! Going to be a lot of people from Illinois there Peoria here!! See you in Cabo!!

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Would love to be able to attend this show. I got shutout both times. If anybody can help me out email at redrocker327@gmail.com.