June 26, 2013 by jblaznik

Hey Red Rocker! Stoked about the upcoming tour!
Questions: what state is as associated with Rum and Tequila as Cali? Yep.
FLORIDA! What state are you a veteran of the once famed, Rock Superbowls? Yep.
FLORIDA! What state has the most U.S. beaches? Yep.
FLORIDA! Grab your friends and the Wabo's and bring your flip-flop wearin' ass to a stage in.....yep.

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I have to say... The Rock Super Bowl's at the Citrus Bowel in Orlando were the best. I went to 13 of them over the years including the one Sammy played at as the RED ROCKER. If I remember correctly the show was held up due to a delay with Sammy's plane, but it was well worth the wait... Hell Yeah.