Don't go see VAN HALEN in 2012!!!

April 17, 2012 by Jayhawker92
Don't go see VAN HALEN in 2012!!!
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Yes I did buy VH's new album. I do like it but it's avg at best. Has 3-4 songs that rock, the rest sound like a crappy demo tape. Not even close to being as good as the 2 new Foot albums let alone anything from Van Hagar days.

I saw the 2007 Tour in KC and I did have a great time but found myself wanting to hear Van Hagar songs more and more. The next day I went out and bought tix to see Sammy and the Wabos a few weeks later. THAT WAS THE BEST CONCERT EVER!

Having said all of that...this is why I will not be shelling out $75-$100 to go see them at The Sprint Center again this year. I've seen Dave and once is enough for me.

I found this Full Concert Video of the current 2012 tour you should check out before wasting your money...

Here's the link.

The weak singing by Dave and horrible on-stage Vaudville dancing antics are hard to watch and stomach. Dave needs to get a new stylist too. What's up with that stupid hat he keeps wearing? Can Dave look any less Rock n Roll? He looks like a cross between a paper boy from the 1920's and Sgt. Pepper. Sometimes he looks like he's been working on the railroad all day. Sometimes he looks like Michael Jackson. The only thing he's missing is the one white glove.

Give it up Dave and go back to being a Paramedic, singing on broadway in A Chorus Line, lounge act singer, bluegrass musician or whatever the hell you were doing before.

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Don't go see VAN HALEN in 2012!!!
Don't go see VAN HALEN in 2012!!!

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It's been a while since I first posted this. UPDATE...I do really like the new VH album and I still listen to about half of it. I still find myself listening to the first 4 songs and then skipping to the last two. The rest is hard to listen too.

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I need to edit my comments on the new album...there are 5-6 songs that I like and they are Classic VH. It's the other songs that are so bad, I can't listen to them at all.

I like listening to Dave and he sounds decent in studio...I just can't stand watching him Live. It's a shame because VH was always better in concert than studio...not with Dave though.

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WoW! Thanks for the link! Just finished watching it...Ouch! Pretty brutal! You are correct, David's voice sounds terrible live! The new studio album isn't that bad (kind of like it) but David Lee Roth live=BAD!
Doug aka "CWG"

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I wouldn't go THAT far but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have the album and listen to it in my car every day. All I'm saying is that their are only a handful of songs that are good and the rest are horrible.

If you watch the video on my blog of the concert and listen...the music is turned up pretty loud to where it's hard to hear Dave sing. They did the same thing in 2007.

I'm a huge VH fan but Dave is way past his prime.

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I love Sammy, but the new van halen is amazing!