Sammy IS "The Man!" Then, Now and Always...The Red Rocker Reigns!

August 31, 2010 by j9oneill

Love Love Love Sammy

There is something about his voice that touches my soul....there is something about his lyrics that have deep meaning...there is something about his performance that always leaves ya wanting more.....bottom line is Sammy is the best damn Rocker in the Hall of Fame!

First show was in 1982...Cow Palace...San Francisco, CA. A real Readhead since birth ya might say, because I will prob be like an 80 yr old lady still rockin out to Hagar. Since then, I would use my rent money if Sammy was coming into town to make sure I could see him . lol Actually, he is the only rock n roller I will pay top dollah for tix. I take my pre teen daughter to see him whenever I go so she can learn what real Rock n Roll is. Great music and Good Clean Fun (well most of the time) lol.

Love Love Love Sammy :)

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 2  Redhead Comments

pjhowefast's picture

you totallly rocked Detroit, Sammy you are the "B0MB" omg, I was strait back from the gonna b in Cleveland?
luved aerosmith, but, I was there for uuuuuuuuu!!!
your music & your voice (+ the Wabos, who also rocked!)...
I swear dreams come took 50 years but you were right there, thank you, thank you, thank you.....this summer has been the best in years!!!!!!!!

Rock OOONNN!!! always, pjhowefast

302_Boss_Chick's picture

sounds like you & me are cut from the same well as everyone else around here!!!