July 2, 2010 Pricless

July 04, 2010 by janetg077

It had been 2 years and 8 months since I last saw Sammy & the Wabos and it was my last hurrah in the REDhead world. Tonight's return could not have been better scripted the energy of the crowd, the band-playing better then ever, Sammy’s energetic spirit and THE WEATHER could have not been anymore perfect. To all of those who made the show hope you had a great time and to Sammy thanks for welcoming me back with your love and concern.

200.00 stage tix

76.00 hotel room

Having Sammy say to you "Were have you been"





Peace, Love and Dreams to all


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janetg077's picture

No problem on the reply. Yep we Libra's aren't bad of a bunch lol

302_Boss_Chick's picture

that is too awesome, thanks for sharing!!

thanks also for your comment on my blog, I apparently have so much to learn about how cool Libras can be!!

janetg077's picture

Keep the faith and you will end up back in the promised land. Glad you had a great time.



Nick Masini's picture

Seen proly close to 30 Sammy show , this one makes my top 5 easy ! They kicked ass big time ! You could tell they were ready for a good time right away . Had so much fun it looks like we may be headed back to Cabo ( fingers crossed ) .