Sammy in New Kirk OK in December??!!!

September 29, 2010 by JamiefromKS

Oh how I hope that is true!!!!

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WOOHOO!! Only one week until the OK Tour begins!!

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I'm in for Thackerville and Newkirk so far. May still add Thursday night's show to the calendar. Can't wait! Hope to meet some other RedHeads there.

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I will be at the Thackerville show!! Just purchased my tickets!! YEAH!!

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you talkin to me? or some other Ron :o)
hey it would be cool to meet you....ummm, as long as your BF/Husband is ok with it ;-)

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Thanks Ron!!!
I will be there!!!

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Thursday December 16
Concho, OK
Lucky Star Casino

Friday December 17
Newkirk, OK
First Council Casino

Saturday December 18
Thackerville, OK
WinStar World Casino

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We heard he is playing at 3 different casino's in Oklahoma...Dec 15 or 16th , 17 & 18th. We are planning a road trip to the Winstar Casino for the 18th show...