What is a class act?

August 29, 2011 by jakefleming

I am proud to be a REDHEAD, I've been a fan since Montrose. I am getting
disappointed in you with all this continuing Van Halen Bashing. It was funny at first, but now it is getting really old. I always see you as a class act, and this is getting childish. They are not bashing you all over the press like you are constantly doing. Make a fan proud and show some class. Jake

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Hey Jake,

What is a Class Act? Well from where I see it, a class act is someone that puts on shows for his fans for years and years for FREE! Beings that you are putting Sammy on the same pedestal that you are Edward, thats a fair comparison. Sammy has always been straight up with the fans...Edward...well I love some of his riffs but he's a little Nancy when it comes to being a man about talking about inner band issues within the band. His Little White Lies are catching up to him. How dare you question probably the greatest entertainer of our time. Sounds like you used to get beat up on the bus when you were a kid. Sammy didn't take your lunch money so chill. I'm not sure of the comment(s) you are speaking of but if I know Sammy, it was a legitimate remark.

So Sammy...keep on keeping on brah and as far as you Jake...why don't you do all of us Redheads a favor and Get On Your Bad Motor Scooter And Ride.....the other way.
Cabo Rob said that!