February 21, 2017 by jag1050

Let's roll Sammy !! Tahoe !!

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Unfortunately, there will be No Cinco De Tahoe this year

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Mikey has been talking to Alex, ... I'm not sayin' anything, .... but I'm just sayin' LOL

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Last years Tahoe Chickenfoot tickets went on sale April 1 .. Hoping to hear something soon.. Maybe the circle or Wabos

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And the South Shore Room is booked the last weekend of April also. Wondering if therr is no Cinco de Tahoe this year? Assuming Acoustic 4 a Cure is Mother's Day Weekend after Cinco weekend...

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The Cinco de Tahoe dates are usually Friday and Saturday Nights. Last year for Chickenfoot, the concerts were on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully we will get at least a Friday concert, maybe Sunday if Sammy wants a days rest in between. Crossing my fingers!

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Never been there before...plan to this year...is it usually more than one night?...looked like the second night last year was added later, after first sold out I assume...still hoping for Friday the 5th...or that I can change the room reservation if needed...

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I like your optimism! Hope you are right, already got our airline tickets....

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On a good note, .... RHCP & Joe have no tour commitment that weekend

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The last couple of years it has been on Mothers Day weekend, which is the weekend after. Probably the same this year.

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I see that the Pink Floyd laser show is scheduled for the Harrahs south shore room on Saturday, May 6th. This is seriously messing with the Cinco de Tahoe dates. What is up with this??