My first Sammy Hagar concert.

August 27, 2012 by ironmike39

My first time seeing Sammy live was sometime in the early eighties. It was on the VOA tour at the Richfield Coliseum (no longer there) in Richfield, Ohio. Krokus opened. When I first heard of Sammy Hagar, I was on a bus going to school. A friend of mine was returning the Three Lock Box cassette he borrowed from another friend. When I asked who it was the other friend replied "he's good, but not too recognized here in NE Ohio". Naturally I borrowed the cassette, and BOOM!!! I was hooked on this mans music. When VOA came out, I got the album and cassette. We went to the show at Richfield, Krokus rocked like nothing I had ever seen before, destroying their stage. They were very good! When the stage hands were done changing the set, the house went dark. Then all you can here is a guitar playing this mean riff. At the back of the stage in the center a RED light came on shining downward. There stood Sammy in his parachute outfit playing the beginning of "I Don't Need Love" (extended). Then all at once he starts running, playing, singing, and just plain rockin the house. One song after another, he did not dissapoint. To be frank, my memory tells me he had as much fun playing the concert as we all had watching. His band was awesome. That night I became a huge (excuse me if my spelling is incorrect) Gary Phil, Bill Church, and Jesse Harms fan. Nobody rocks a low-slung guitar like Phil!!! That night solidified my fondness for the music Sammy was putting out and continued to put out even today. What I like most about his artistic expressions is that they are very relative to the human experience. To this day, there really is no better way to approach a relationship thats ended then singing "I'll Fall In Love Again". After that Richfield show, I probably went to see him and whatever band he had with him at least twenty to twentfive more times. Without question, my favorite tour was the "Marching to Mars" tour. He played three hours at the Nautica Stage in Cleveland, Ohio. The 5150 show at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit is a really, really close second. I even went to Cabo to see two shows one year (I'll post a great picture later). I hope Chickenfoot or the Wabos come to North East Ohio this year. But one thing remains for the Red Rocker - Solo entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!! The hall needs a little red!!! This, Redheads, we need to make a reality! Peace out! "Right now", you just finished my post!

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All I can say Goose, is you missed out on some of the greatest performances by him. The two shows I mentioned other than the Richfield show still remain some of the best live rock and roll performances I have ever seen. There is one other though that I did not mention, It was at Blossum Music Center South of Cleveland. It was the Balance tour and I got front row!!! Eddie hurt his hip and was not very mobile and I think that caused him to focus on playing rather than fronting. He did half his guitar solo sitting on a stage monitor six feet in front of me. Sammy's vocals were probably at ther peak. What I most admired about that tour and cd is the composition aspect and meaningful song writing. I believe I was a senior as well when I saw VOA. I still have no good reason for not taking up the guitar and becoming a rock and roll singer!!! Take care.

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Holy Crap. I was at that show. My friends and I were Senors in HS. We were....lets say under the weather. Here I am 20+ years later and I still love listening to Red Rocker. I never seen hm in concert again. I think it's time. I hope He comes to Phoenix soon