July 24, 2013 by ironmike39

Four Decades of Rock Tour: Why no shows east of MO.? You have an incredible fan base in Northeast Ohio! Play Cleveland! Where you belong: In the Hall!

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My first Sammy Hagar concert.

August 27, 2012 by ironmike39

My first time seeing Sammy live was sometime in the early eighties. It was on the VOA tour at the Richfield Coliseum (no longer there) in Richfield, Ohio. Krokus opened. When I first heard of Sammy Hagar, I was on a bus going to school. A friend of mine was returning the Three Lock Box cassette he borrowed from another friend. When I asked who it was the other friend replied "he's good, but not too recognized here in NE Ohio". Naturally I borrowed the cassette, and BOOM!!! I was hooked on this mans music. When VOA came out, I got the album and cassette.

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