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September 29, 2010 by Iowa-Doug

This time next week I'll be kickin' it at the Cabo Wabo Cantina... Can't wait to meet up with some friends, old and new...See ya all soon.

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Michiganmike's picture

Doug my fellow Cabo-Rat can't wait to see you and your wife
next week .... we arrive Sunday the 3rd

Still no tix's nor a place to stay ... looks like CJ and I
will become CABO-STREET-RATs this year LMAO

Really looking forward to this trip n if we see a show any
shows GREAT if not CABO is truly a fun town and we will have
BIG FUN reguardless

MichiganMike n CJ

5150Mike's picture

I might as well not work anymore because I am completely useless and all I can think about is Cabo. We are so close I can taste it!! see you face down next week.