FDIC 51 days and counting

August 16, 2010 by Iowa-Doug

We're inside 51 days til we hit Cabo... Can't wait to get to the Mar de and meet up with old friends and make some new ones too. Need to get a drink in my hand and feel the Cabo vibe.

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makasha21@hotmail.com's picture

Solomon's in the morning? Just breakfast, or watching the boats head out....what's the attraction? Share! :)

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Yo Doug!
I'll be at the Mar de as well on the 13th thru 16th... I'll see you at the Bar! Moving to the Tesero on the 16th thru 23rd... Guess i could see you at the Bar there too? If I miss you... Meet at the nearest Bar...LoL!
This applies to everyone... Actually my mornings are spent at Solomons, on the Marina...I Dig that place.
Ahh...C'mon Vacation!!

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It is exactly 51 days now until the 8th of october, i can't think about anything else, in my head i'm already there doin the cabo wobble.