September 06, 2010 by Iowa-Doug

Hey gang, times ticking down... We're down to 30 days til we get Face Down In Cabo... OH YEAH...

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We get to town on the 6th. Plan on doing BOTH Booze Cruises, the 7th and 12th. Also the Beach Party on the 10th... Can't wait to see you and Flea...

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Looking forward to seeing you and Diane! 30 more days for Flea & I. Are you doing the booze cruise on the 12th?

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I leave on the 2nd, hit the bash on the 8th, get married on the 10th, hit the bash again on the 13th, leave on the 16th and enter detox on the 17th!

See you in Cabo Red Heads. All us forum people have to identify ourselves for a joint shot and some faith he will play "Tropic Of Capricorn"

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31 Days for us and we can't wait. It's been awhile since we have been there.

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21 days & counting! Get there early...no worry! Three weeks in Cabo!
Doug aka "CWG"

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32 days for us. Our first time in Cabo and can't wait to see Sammy for his birhday bash. I know what he says if you go there once you'll be there twice!! RIU Palace 4 us

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33 for us but I'm hoping they will go fast!!! C U N CABO!!!

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28 for us!!!