2015 Birthday Bash - Show the flick Go There Once Be There Twice

October 08, 2014 by ilenenice

Hi Admin!

Please see if Sammy can play the movie Go There Once Be There Twice while at the Las Vegas Birthday Bash. This would be a great time for those of us who have not seen it to view it. I for one am in it front row with my husband in some of the movie! Please Please see if it can be done!


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Winner of paper back autographed RED book

September 05, 2012 by ilenenice

TO ADMIN: I am one of the winners of the Sammy Autographed RED paperback book. When are we going to receive them?

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Not getting any email updates

March 11, 2011 by ilenenice

Admin- I have not been receiving any email updates regarding redrocker.com. And it's been for quite some time. I also hear from a friend of mine she hasn't been receiving any either. Please check into. Thanks-Ilene

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