Birthday Bash Disappointment

August 13, 2010 by Hot 5150 Teach

How disappointing it was to be booted out of the system when I was paying for my two tickets to see Sammy on the 13th!!! Not to mention my birthday is October 6th and this was my birthday present....AWWWWW - I know!

SO.......Now I have tickets to Cabo and none to see Sammy. I think all that have tickets to Cabo and didn't get any to see Sammy should have a big block party outside of Cabo Wabo. What do you say? Maybe we can get a live feed outside so that we can still see what we all went for?? Wishful thinking! Anyone that is interested pleased let me know. Thanks, and keep on rockin'

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Hot 5150 Teach's picture

I do believe it. 20th anniversary got in both nights. Don't ask how - but I think it was just meant to be. :)

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Jan is RIGHT! This will be something you shouldn't miss!!!GO!!! Have FUN with all your Redhead friends!!! Chances are that you will get into a show. Persistence pays off when it comes to seeing Sammy in Cabo!!!!

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WE will rock the lot... I'm at the Mar de that night (just up the street 30 yards) So I expect to be runnin for refills!!Freekin Whoo Hoo!!

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normally the project the show on the outside wall in front of the cantina.