I WANT TO TAKE A POLL !!! Please take a minute..........

July 31, 2012 by Hot 5150 Teach

How many people got online last year to buy their OWN tickets AND GOT THEM ``` VS.``` How many of those SAME people registered this year for tickets and DID NOT WIN ANY!!

I know I am one of those people, and I am fine with not being the lucky one to be trigger happy and get my tickets in my cart fast enough to buy online. Oh well to me.... What I am NOT fine with is... not being selected by some random selection monster that I could have been faster than to get my OWN tickets!

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Tickets,Tickets,Tickets.......I know!!!

July 30, 2012 by Hot 5150 Teach

I am in a group of 8 people going to Cabo for the Bday Bash, and NOT ONE of us have heard anything about tickets! I thought I read that people would be notified over the next COUPLE of days?? I hope that is true.....OR..... I hope that people will be posting EXTRA tickets here ;-)

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Just wondering.......??

July 25, 2012 by Hot 5150 Teach

How many people are going to register twice for b-day bash tickets in hopes that their name will get called at least ONCE?? I know this sounds crazy, but others must have had this idea as well. Will there be a forum for all of us that end up with extra tickets so we can post this info? You realize that there is only ONE name on the tickets, and if people end up with 4 tickets that originally only wanted 2 they could "share" (wink, wink) with others.......Am I the only ones seeing it this way especially for the ones that have already booked the trip and don't get tickets??

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Just realizing......... Ü

March 13, 2011 by Hot 5150 Teach

Haven't talked to any of my redhead friends in awhile!! I just had to take the time to say..... I just saw STP in Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Man what a great concert! , but absolutely NO CROWD involvement with the band. They came out, sang songs, sounded great- end of story! Not one time did they talk to the crowd.... I was shocked! SOOOO NOT like any of Sammy's shows. We already knew that Sammy loves his fans, and tries to make every single one of us part of the show. It makes me appreciate how great he is even more than before. Thanks Sammy for doing what you do Ü

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Chickenfoot - Indio

September 19, 2010 by Hot 5150 Teach

I haven't had any luck uploading my photos here, but I was successful posting them on facebook. Please check out the link....

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Chickenfoot - Indio

September 18, 2010 by Hot 5150 Teach

I still can't get my pictures to upload, but I have to tell you I had the most amazing time. Everytime I see this band (or anyone in it) - I have unbelievable luck. We saw Joe and Chad at dinner and took some pics, and got them to sign my shirt. Very cool people! The next morning I stumbled down to Starbucks and saw Chad - the only one in line!! He turned and asked how I was doin? So I replied "better after coffee"....he stood there and talked to my husband and I for an hour!! Can you freakin believe it?

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Can someone help me??

September 14, 2010 by Hot 5150 Teach

My pictures won't upload..... What can I do?

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September 07, 2010 by Hot 5150 Teach

Ok - I thought I posted this but I can't find it anywhere?? AGAIN... I just found out that if it is your birthday you can bring a guest to the show. I am wondering if anyone needs a date or has an extra ticket ? My birthday is 10-6, so I am so screwed with getting in because it is my birthday. Ultimately, I need two tickets, but beggars can't be choosers...right? Ü

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Birthday Bash Disappointment

August 13, 2010 by Hot 5150 Teach

How disappointing it was to be booted out of the system when I was paying for my two tickets to see Sammy on the 13th!!! Not to mention my birthday is October 6th and this was my birthday present....AWWWWW - I know!

SO.......Now I have tickets to Cabo and none to see Sammy. I think all that have tickets to Cabo and didn't get any to see Sammy should have a big block party outside of Cabo Wabo. What do you say? Maybe we can get a live feed outside so that we can still see what we all went for?? Wishful thinking! Anyone that is interested pleased let me know. Thanks, and keep on rockin'

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