I only hope Mr Hagar gets this message and has a moment to read it.

September 02, 2012 by highley69
I only hope Mr Hagar gets this message and has a moment to read it.
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Dear Mr Hagar, I truly hope you read this message. My name is Robert and I am writing you on behalf of a very close and dear friend of mine. She has no idea that I am reaching out to you. So I truly hope you get this message. My friends name is Dawn Kemp Gould. We are from St. Louis, Missouri. Dawn and her mom Deborah Denby is in Lake Tahoe right now staying at Harrah's Casino. They had 2 vip tickets to your show on September 1, 2012. They sat in the front row and she was wearing a bright blue Harley Davidson shirt. Before the concert started, she purchased 2 of your shirts. I guess at the end of the show, she gave both shirts to the security guard to pass up to you to be signed and she even sent me a short video of you signing her shirts. When you handed the shirts back to the security guard, he gave them to the wrong people. Before this could be corrected, the people took off. Mr Hagar, Dawn was heartbroken. Dawn is the nicest person you will ever meet. Her heart is huge and her faith in God is strong and her love of your music is never ending. She is truly an angel on this planet. I am not asking you to do anything about this, but I feel so bad for her that I felt compelled to try and reach out to you. I know St. Louis fans hold a special spot in their heart for you as you also have a special spot in your heart for the St. Louis fans. She is truly a fan of you and we are already Talking about taking a trip to Cabo Wabo as she has dreamed of visiting there. In closing Mr Hagar, I just felt compelled to let you know of the incident tonight and how bummed out one of your biggest fans is feeling tonight. Sincerely, Robert 9-1-12

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Thank you Harleymomma. I have shown this blog to Dawn and she is very thankful for all of your kind words. And we both agree, those people who stoled her shirts are not and will never be Redheads! If I would have been there, I would have gotten her shirts back. The true Redheads truly rock!

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OMG how sad. This almost happened to me when Sammy signed my hat. My hubby had to fight to get it back. True Redheads will NEVER do anything like this. I hope you get the shirts back


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I agree, they are a great bunch and we are not looking for anything in return. Just was a crappy thing to happen to such a wonderful person at an awesome event. We strongly believe in Karma. Thank you so much for your words. Dawn is coming back home to St. Louis on Sept 4th. I will share this blog with her.

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This happend to us in the south shore room a few years ago.We ran into Mona in the casino like an hour later and told her.She took our address and a week later the same book we lost was in our mailbox-this time signed by the whole band.Hope this works out for you.They are good people.

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Thank you for your kind words Doug. It truly means a lot! I would tell you about Dawn, but there really are not enough words to describe her. I believe with all of my RED heart, if Mr. Hagar had an oppertunity to know her as I, her friends, and her family know her, Mr. Hagar would be upset that this had to happen to such a wonderful lady. She had no idea that she would even be in the front row when she arrived in Lake Tahoe August 31. There is no blame towards Sammy r the security staff. It's a shame that there are few bad apples out there that would do this and I agree with you 100% SHAME ON THOSE WHO DID THIS!!! But I would like Mr. Hagar to know, from my friend Dawn, even though this happened, she was very pleased with the RED ROCKERS performance!
Robert Highley

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I'm sorry to hear this story, but that is the kind of newbie fan that is coming out these days! These new fans are not at all like the long time RedHeads that I've been friends with for many years! In the old days you could hand items up & we would always make sure they got back to the right people! I've even had some of these people try to pull a hat off my head & take off with it! To the people that stole those shirts, SHAME ON YOU!! You are not a RedHead & never will be!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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TY JJCRUE. The part I didn't mention, when she found out she was going to Tahoe for vacation, she had no idea she was gonna see Sammy. I was posting songs Tuesday on facebook by Sammy. She went on vacation Thursday and when she arrived there, she saw Sammy was in concert across the street. Her mom surprised her with 2 VIP tickets to see Sammy. It is almost as if it was destiny for her to be there. Dawn is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Their is not enough words to describe this amazing lady. So yes, she was devasted. I don't blame Sammy or any one else and neither does she. I just pray that Sammy gets wind of what happened last night. If he knew Dawn as I, her friends, and family knows Dawn, he would truly be upset. TY For your response.

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What a sad story this is. I was about 15 ft back, dead center of stage last night and I was wondering if those items being signed were getting back to the appropriate people. I know how devastated I would be if that happened to me.