Donations for the Cabo Community after Lidia

September 05, 2017 by heathmac66

I would love for all of us Readheads to give back to the people of Los Cabos. It would be amazing if we all can bring down an extra suitcase of clothing, bedding, footwear and towels for the community. Let's clean out our closets folks! Can the Cantina maybe rally and set up a drop off location at the Cantina for all of us coming for the Birthday Bash? We trust you to find a way to get these items to the people who lost everything! #cabostrong Just a thought! Peace all!

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They need everything in the Barrio. I am bringing school supplies, socks, T-Shirts, underwear, toys, and clothes from my closet that I never wear. Footwear such as sandals, flip flops that won't weigh down a suitcase. If Cabo Wabo does not have a drop off, then check with your Hotel or the Lion's Club in Cabo is an excellent charity to distribute to the locals. I would gladly pay an extra $50 for a suitcase to donate to those who pamper us in our resorts during our visit. :)

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I would like to participate as well. Any particular items that are needed.

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We have been bringing an extra suitcase down every year since 2001. We fill it with clothes for all the Kids. It just makes our trip to see all the kids with new clothes AND THE MOM'S in tears with joy.
We'll bring extra this year. Great Idea for ALL Redheads !!!