Birthday Bash Tickets

July 06, 2014 by heathmac66

Have all the email confirmations been sent for Birthday Bash tickets? Or is there still a chance of a confirmation forthcoming in my inbox?

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My friend received an email today confirming tickets for #3. I am hoping that means I still have hope for #4!!!!!

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Last year we were picked for tickets and my account was charged and I also received an email the same day, my husband was not chosen so therefore he DID not receive an email. I also did not receive the email until I think the 2nd - 3rd week of July. So I think there still might be a chance to receive that lucky email!!! We also will be able to tell once the drawing has taken place because everyone will start posting either--- "Yeah" comments or "not again this year" comments.

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Hello! Going off past years, you ONLY get an email if you were drawn for tickets. If you didn't get something on the 5th, assume you were not selected.

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Was wondering the same thing myself. I would assume that everyone eventually gets a message, either telling them that they got tickets or they didn't. Can anyone confirm that? Thanks!