2nd Chance Drawing

July 21, 2014 by heathmac66

Have any of you Redheads received 2nd Chance Drawing Tickets yet? I am patiently awaiting good news! I will be in Cabo this October again,(7th year only 1 show), Sammy or no Sammy. Better with Sammy of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am assuming so VeryCherry since that guy posted he got the email Friday. It took Admin 3 or 4 days to send out confirmations for all 4 shows. So I am hoping it will work that way with the 2nd chance drawing. Wishing you luck!!

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I soooooooooooo wanted to comment on his post too. What a dumb***!! All I want is just want one show!! We are going for 2 weeks this year in October. Bottom line is, I will still be in Cabo jamming to Sammy at Mi Casa regardless if I get picked for tickets or not.

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You can't comment on that guys post now. Admin must be pissed because even the few people that got tickets hate this system. Laughing hard.

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Hi, has the 2nd chance taken place? i saw that one post about the guy on another thread. don't want to get into that though.... anyone get confirmation on 2nd chance? My husband put in for 2nd chance and we have not heard one word yet! hope we get chosen for 1 night! :) (really hoping!) :)

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I see a post by some guy that returned his 1st set of tickets because he only got one show in the initial drawing but continued to register for 2nd chance drawing and got picked for another show. He is complaining he can't get his first set of tickets back that he returned. I would kill for 1 show. With that said, still no email in my inbox for 2nd chance drawing. I am sooo bummed but maybe they are still drawing.

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we got night 1 and we are stoked that we got one!!!

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This was posted yesterday under the October 7th show blog by Admin.

July 23, 2014

They're still being processed - a notice will go out on the News page as well as Sammy's Facebook once the second chance drawing has been completed

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Holding tight! :) Fingers crossed!

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Go to the events page under night #1. Admin. states that they are still processing the 2nd chance drawing. Hold Tight..

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I am waiting too. Fingers crossed!

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All is quiet....

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I have a show on the 13 would like to see more. Is Kenny showing up this year.

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Nothing yet on this end.

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I have not heard yet and I am waiting as well we will be there 2 through the 15th but we have no show this year.

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Nothing yet