Tahoe - Here we come!!!

March 16, 2013 by Harleymomma08

Tahoe is on the books! Airline tickets bought! Room & car reservations made.....now bring the concert tickets & Redhead parties! Hope to see alot of Tahoe 1st timers this year!

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I noticed you said everyone shows up with food and alcohol so In the past, have the pre-parties taken place in someone's hotel room? It would be great if we could get some planned in advance so everyone can figure out what they should bring :-)

Can't wait!!

Thanks, Sue

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Now to start planning the pre-parties. I have several people asking what's up! I have only attended (never planned) the pre-parties in Tahoe, but in the past a spot is picked and everyone shows up with food & alcohol to share! If anyone has already planned the pre-party and has a placed picked out - please posted here and on FB!

Can't wait to see everyone! Jell-o Shots will definately be there! I will enough for everyone to enjoy!



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tickets bought ready to rock tahoe here we come.
Any pre partys happening?

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The last time I was in Tahoe was 2010 and he sold stage tickets but I'm not sure if he is doing that this year. Try sending a message the the Admin and ask if he is doing that this year. I would think it would be posted but I can't find anything on it. Best of luck and I hope & pray your wish comes true and you get to meet him! Prayers your way!

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Does anyone know if they are selling meet and greet tickets? I have terminal cancer and this may be my last chance to meet Sammy. I don't want to miss the opportunity to purchase a meet and greet.

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Buy you tickets as soon as you can on the internet... They rip out 90% of the seats at Harrah's indoor venue. A good place to stay is the Best Western at Timber Cove.. Clean rooms with a gas fireplace...If you fail to score tix at first ..you can always try STUB HUB if you wanna pay double?

Seen Sammy like 7 times in SLT.. Always a great show with the Wabos or Chickenfoot. Count on Michael Anthony making a guest appearance... Sammy's son manages the Cabo Wabo Tahoe ... A decent bar but with bad lighting ..LOL Hard to even read a menu in there !! 8 bucks for a margarita ...

Enjoy ...I have never seen 1 bad Hagar show after 30 years !!


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It has always been GA - standing room. We have been 4 times but we haven't been back since 2010. Tickets usually sell quickly but we have always been able to buy them and there are always Redheads helping each other once everyone shows up! Several Redheads are staying at Mont Bleu - cheap clean casino across from Harrah's! We always do both shows...1 show I get in line early and get up front...2nd show I like standing in the back near the bar! If you want to be up front then get there early because it's impossible to work your way up front if you didn't do the line time. Some people can be rude. He usually sells stage tickets too (which we have done) but I like regular GA so much better...Good luck...C-U-N- Tahoe

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I'll be a Cinco De Tahoe first timer. Does anyone know is it GA or seats. Ive never been in the South Shore room. Is anywhere good? And also Im 100% going. I have friends from the bay area possibly going. Does it sell out fast? Cuz there not 100% positive they can go. Thanks for the help!!! I cant wait!