April 26, 2011 by Harleymomma08
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Are ya'll ready to party Mardi Gras style? Gina & I would like to invite all Redheads to the pre-party located at the Chairman's room at Gumbeaux's Sports Bar in the casino!

We are CONFIRMED for the Chairman's room on 4/29 at 5:00 to 7:30pm. We will have our own waiter. They don't have specials on food or drinks but we have access to the full menu and we can do separate checks for each party or group on individuals but they will add a 20% gratuity to each check.

We will have goodies for the taken! The place only holds 30 people at a time, but we will try to accomodate all Redheads who want to attend.

It will be a great time to meet new Redheads...grab a bite to eat...drink a Waborita...and get ready for a great show!

Can't wait to see everyone!

Gina & Norma

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Thanks to all you guys who showed up at the party! It was great meeting new friends and I can't wait to do it all over again. It was an amazing weekend with a few twist and turns along the way but what weekend would not be complete without them. LOL! My flight got canceled this morning and I rented a car and drove home. Just arrived after 12 hours. I will try to get all the pictures posted of the party and the 2 shows over the weekend or next week. I have a guest coming into town in the morning and 2 Kid Rock shows this weekend with friends but I have some really fun photos that I will send as a link via shutterfly or something along those lines. Some of you told me at the party that you send a friends request via but I don't have any request so I am not ignoring you. LOL!
YOU GUYS ROCK!! See you crazy redheads at the next show and I look forward to the next party!
P.S. Troy I am glad that you got your book signed and that you guys were up front for the 1st time. =)


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Thank ya'll so much for throwing the party! We went and met so many new friends! Never been to an event like that before! It was a blast, hope to see Sammy and our new friends again soon!!

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The party was really great! It was totally one of the great parties I've ever had and the payday loan was all worth it to spend for. Redheads rock and roll in fun and can't wait to see more and party more to Readheaders. Thank you so much.

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Howdy all. Two cherry virgin Reds to pop tonight. We have never seen Sammy, Van Hagar or Montrose live. Can't wait to get red with the Rocker. See y'all tonight.

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Hope to see ya'll tomorrow eve. My wife and I are driving down in the morning from Monroe. Old St. Louis Redhead here LOL

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Lee & Lori sorry we will not be seeing you! But it sounds like a fun day with your son buying his Harley! We will miss you guys but this won't be our last party! Norma & I tend to put these things together lately at all the shows. Sammy will be playing in Texas sometime this yr. Maybe then? But we will see you in Biloxi. See you soon and drive safely! Gina

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Please do drop by and say hello!

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We will see you in Biloxi and have a drink there! I'm hoping that the rumors of Sammy being at the pool are true and we will have another pre-party!!!

Looking forward to meeting you guys and having a drink or two!

We are on our 3rd Harley and we love it!

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So disappointed we will not be able to make it now to the party - Thanks Gina & Norma for the invite / driving from St. Louis and have tickets for Sat in Biloxi ; was really hoping to buy your extra tickets and join you, but our son is buying his first Harley and picking it up Thurs pm and we can't get away now until Fri am for the 9 hour drive - Hope everyone has a blast! Lee & Lori

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We are still out on this one. Steve doesn't know if he needs to be at a meeting on Monday. We are playing it by ear! Sounds like fun!!
See you in 2 days!!!!

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PS Norma..... I picked up Donnie, Johnny, Gary, Nancy & my Jazz festival ticket for Sun in New Orleans. Did you guys change mind? John Mellencamp is headliner with bunches of others throughout day.Let me know & I will get yours. I need to make hotel reservation. Lol!

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Thank you Norma! I've got my goodies together! I will see you all on Friday! I can't wait it's going to be a great time!! Next stop Coushatta!!