No Emails for this Redhead...

July 30, 2012 by Harleymomma08

Just like so many of the old Redheads - I did not receive any emails...very bummed.

Still going to Cabo - plane tickets and room already bought and paid for - so if any extra tickets are out there to be sold - please keep my name in mind.

TX Redhead

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I wish I could help you out but I was shut out this year. Unfortunately, most of my friends were shut out too. I am hoping to score dinner tickets while I am there. Do you use FB? You may want to post something on there.

Good luck and if you hear of any extra single tickets, please send them my way!


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I have two tickets for the October 11th show but need two tickets for the october 13th show...anyone wanna trade?

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Thanks JoAnne - what you said is just so sweet. I'm praying for your friend, you & Bob! I hope we get to see you in Vegas!
We will have a blast in Cabo

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well Norma, you know we didn't get not even 1 ticket either...good question, how many dinner tickets will be available? I bet there won't be enough becasue so many of our friends did not get even 1 show. Good luck sweetie, anyone in line next to you is in for a treat, you are party all wrapped up and ready to go anythine, anywhere!!! Love you girl!

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I know so many Redheads that didn't get picked for any shows as well. Weird...really weird

Bummed in Texas

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Damn Norma - I did not get any emails either....shit that sucks!!!I am sorry GF..sorry for all of US...we will still have a red rocking good time...looks like I will be standing in line for dinner tickets for at least 1 show...

Really bummed in Austin