Calling all LA & MISS Redheads...Do we want to plan a pre-party before the shows??

February 27, 2011 by Harleymomma08

Calling all LA and MISS Redheads!!! Hey Redhead friends - for those going to see Sammy at the Coushatta and IP - let's plan a pre-party?? What do ya'll think? Any suggestions??? This is the best way to meet new redheads and visit with old ones!!! Not familiar with Kinder or Biloxi but we can make something happen. I will be happy to visit Kinder before the April 29th show!!

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Harleymomma08's picture

Working on the Pre-party for the Coushatta.

lizshuemate's picture

I am in!!! We can always party at the casino bar before and after the show..keep me posted!!!!

GNR's picture

I am all in Norma! Let me know and I will help. I can't wait to meet some new Redheads! Dave see you and Kathy soon.

87-gn's picture

We plan on getting into Biloxi around noon on Saturday so we will be ready to PARTY!!!

sage5150's picture

i live in mobile which is abouit an hr frm biloxi.wife and i plan on bring our motorhome and park in parking low if ip will let us.we would love to meet and party with fellow redheads