September 07, 2012 by Harleymomma08

My official Cabo countdown has began with less than 30 days to arrive to our happy place! This trip will be bittersweet - having to say goodbye to our dear Redhead friend Sherry who passed away suddenly and knowing that this is my last birthday bash! 10 yrs ago Steve & I went to Cabo for Sammy's 55th Birthday bash and met some awesome Redheads! We have continue making great friendships along the way. I am flying solo this year, Steve has decided not to go, but I am rooming with 4 awesome FRIENDS/Redheads! I did not get the luck of the draw but I have some great friends that have promised me tickets to 2 shows...Hell Yeah!! I wish everyone safe travels and remember...TRUE REDHEADS WILL NOT JACK UP THE PRICE OF THIER EXTRA TICKETS!!!

For those going to Cabo for the first time - enjoy it, embrace it and party your asses off!

FDIC 2012

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Norma - the countdonw had begun baby!! I am still looking for a place to stay on Medano beach- nothing seems to be panning out -but I am not sweating it yet baby!! Keep you ear open for me for a great deal in that area would ya...the 6th - 14th...see ya soon - face down baby!!!

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You can count on it, it's going to be one hell of a PARTY...

Later Jeff

FDIC 2012

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