CABO 2013

August 15, 2013 by Harleymomma08

The countdown has begun! 50 days and counting! We got tickets to 2 shows!!! It's going to be a Party!!!

Playa Grande - 4 yrs. in a row!

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Staying at Solmar with my hubby.... Also going to two shows. hit us up... We can party together. Lisa and Mike at Solmar.

Harleymomma08's picture

Last year we had no tickets and went to 3 shows...Good luck on the 2nd chance drawing. There usually are several Redheads who stay at PG...

I agree on the ticket process. Why even enter your name if you are not sure if you are going?? I understand that sometimes sh*t happens and you have to cancel but it seams like several tickets were going back into the drawing. I still can't believe I was drawn twice this year. I am taking a friend who took me last year on the 9th and my hubby on the 11th!

Have a safe trip to Cabo! See you by the pool!

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We got aced out for tix, We are staying at Playa grande as well. I hope they still have the wait on the street corner for hours to get tickets that looks like my only chance. Not a big fan of the ticketing process I have had my flights and hotel booked since March and you know some of the folks probably still don't have any arrangements oh well I'm just bitchin, you have fun and I hope we can score some tickets somehow.

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Hey Harley, my wife and I are staying at Playa Grande as well! What can you tell me about Playa? We were shut out on tickets to any shows, hoping to get tickets thru dinner tickets. Thanks in advance for any info!