Sammy's Cabo Birthday Bash Ticketing Preperation

August 04, 2010 by Harleymomma08


Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Ticket Will Call Procedure and Information

Redheads....What a crazy Monday!!...What Next...

Redheads......As the dust settles from a crazy "RED" Monday here are a few bits of information so we can clarify a few issues......We have over 119,000 hits on the site during the three hours of ticketing, tickets were sold out in less than five minutes per show.

Verifying ticket purchasing.....We are now in the process in verifying all ticket purchases. Those who purchased more than two tickets (and there were a few) those extra tickets will be canceled and refunded. Tickets are non transferable and non refundable......All sales are final and mentioned in previous e-mails.

Will Call in Cabo.....This is how the system will work, on each show day, we will have a will call table set up at 2pm. You will need to bring your Redrocker receipt with confirmation number as well as a photo ID matching the reservation name along with your guest (NO EXCEPTIONS). We will have a computer available to verify any questionable purchases, so realize that any issues will need to be verified by our Paypal account....Once verified, the person whose name the reservation is under and their guest will receive their wristband. All wristbands will be placed on you and your guest, no loose wristbands will be given away.

More details will follow, but we just wanted to give you all a heads up on the procedure

See ya in Cabo!

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AaronKatz2000's picture

Good news- received confirmation today that the will-call table will open at 2 P.M. and WILL REMAIN OPEN until 10 P.M. the night of each show.

AaronKatz2000's picture

Nothing in this release contradicts the original news item on 7/28 that said tickets (wristbands actually) will be available for pick-up FROM 2 P.M-10 P.M. day of show. This release didn't explicitly state this however leading to,again, some confusion that people have to pick up their tickets (wristbands) AT 2 P.M. Think 2 P.M.-10 P.M. is still OK. Can we please get official confirmation from official Sammy people just to end any lingering confusion PLEASE? Thanks.

pjew's picture

What's gonna happen with the tickets (if any)that are canceled for the one's who bought more than 2 pairs....will we be able to purchase those later?

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Friendly suggestion: Why can't you have a normal Will Call desk so we can walk up and get our tickets up until show time? What's the point of having us blow a few hours of beach time to get there in the middle of the afternoon?

We pay a small fortune to come down there to chill on the beach on our VACATION TIME. We don't want to waste the better part of an afternoon (it's Mexico, something is bound to go wrong)picking up tickets.

How about it, guys? This may be convenient for you, but now that we're paying customers here we should have some options. I've never been to a show in my life where I can't walk up to the Will Call window and walk right into a show.

Thanks for listening.