Sammy Hagar's Original Mountain Bike - The Red Rocker

Sammy Hagar's Original Mountain Bike - The Red Rocker
Sammy's Mountain bike presented back to him at Book signing!
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Reinhardt's Motorcycles's picture

i would like to buy one to bring to my shop and have it with the Panhead, i hope somebody is selling one please call me.
Thanks Redheads

magicbri's picture

Cool picture! These bikes are such great conversation pieces and a must have for serious fans. I've got one for sale if anyone is interested, contact me.

Prasad86's picture
Now a days having Red Rockers New Bikes is become status symbol. People think buying Red Rocker Bike is pride moment.
Hergules's picture

If I recall, Gary Fisher said he made 244 identical Red Rocker Bicycles for Sammy .... red with all black Sun Tour components. Definitely a collectible worth having!

yasg013's picture

My Husband has one of these original Red Rocker Bikes. :)
It's his Pride and Joy! Has it proudly displayed like a mueseum artifact. But it super rare.. PLUS's a SAMMY Bike! SAMMY RULES!

nannettee078's picture

I want one of those bikes soooo bad. I have a small collection of bikes and since I'm a diehard fan, I gotta have one!!!

Hank Larsen's picture

Thank you. Yes, i have a ton of pictures of the bike. I have owned it since 1986 when I purchased it from Sausalito Cyclery, the shop he owned back then. He was blown away, said he has not seen one in 20 years. He only made 150 of them. Def worth the ride up there! My wife thought I was NUTS...HAHA. No I did not give it to him, just presented it back to him for viewing...was really happy that he got so excited. Made my week.

Hank Larsen's picture

Hey bro! I remember you, right on...I had no idea he would stop the line for it...but I was happy to get the picture...LOL

EventZen's picture

Nice. I was right behind you on line!!! HaHa

Uwe's picture

Do you have a closer picture of this bike ?
What did Sammy say ? Did you really give him your bike ???????