2013 Birthday Bash

March 07, 2013 by Handsup70

This year I'm making the trek to Cabo. My first of many to come I hope with my girlfriend. We are going the week of Sammy's b-day and I am looking to buy, sign up for the drawing, etc. in order to score tickets to his party.

Can't find any 2013 news.. Does anybody know anything about this year's bash yet?

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My husband and I will be in Cabo celebrating our 5th anniversary. Can't wait

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Are there any updates on when we can get tickets for the 2013 birthday bash?

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When is the lotto?!!!!!

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He must have been talking about the dinner/show tickets which have always been first come first serve situation. There was a response from admin user when this question was asked by a prior member, and the reply was like last year they would be using the lottery drawing system for general show tickets. The person asking about 10-13 being on a Sunday and how this would affect the show dates that date will be the last show. This means the shows will start the week before.

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Hi Redheads,
With Ten13 on a Sunday this year, will the Birthday Bash be the week of or the week before Sammy's birthday?

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I haven't heard anything lately. I did hear Sammy mention that I liked the idea of first come first serve. Before the show in vegas, were it was like the old times back in Cabo. Could it be that they are going back to the old way of giving away tickets? That would be cool. I liked getting in line in the streets of Cabo at 3am and partying it up till the morning. It was fare and went on without any problems. I would hope they go back to this style. But I doubt it. Hopefully we get picked in the drawing. If not, there is always dinner line tickets. Which we got last year. Pretty sweet deal. We will be partying at the riu palace starting the 7th of October. It's only 7 more months away...... mas tequila

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Well good to know that they will indeed be doing the ticket selling earlier this year. The other part you mentioned I hope that has something to do with the mention of not having the system allow people to get all shows and others none. My other thought is that maybe this year there will not be four shows but fewer and that would make them harder. I am aware you most likely can't disclose but so much of the insider information you have.

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Tickets will be sold earlier & if you thought tickets were hard to get last year...just wait for what will go down this year!!

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How do you put your name in on the draw? Do you have to click the "I'm going" buttons? I was a little confused last year so I didn't get tickets. Thanks for the help.

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The dates were announced May/June area and the ticket drawing was held middle of July. They have announced that just like last year the drawing system will be used again this year. There is talk to have it set up unlike last year that people will not get drawn for multiple shows, and also announce dates/drawing earlier. This has not been confirmed yet just something mentioned.

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I'm going this year for the first time, too (first item on my bucket list- yeah!!). Looking back at last year, they started talking about dates and tickets in July.

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we did not get any info on tixs last year until late summer and then it was a raffle drawing. my wife and I got tixs for the show on the 7th last year. we have already booked Cabo for this year and will check in on this site every day or so to see if any info is posted. where are you guys staying when you head to Cabo. Check out the Riu Santa Fe. really nice and it's one hell of a party when the sun goes down. at least it was for us last year...

Soon to be FDIC 2013

later Jeff