Sammy and Me

Sammy and Me
Sammy and Me in Vegas
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ctcabo's picture

What a lucky guy! I'd do anything to get a pic with Gina Rose!! :)

302_Boss_Chick's picture

I live near Pittsburgh, PA. Sammy and/or Chickenfoot SO need to come around this way next least someplace I can drive to. I don't think I can wait 33 years for my pic LOL!!!

Hagargirl's picture

Thank you Step! It took me 33 yrs. Lol! I hope to see you at a future show. Where again do you live? You will get your pic one day. =)
Have a great weekend!

302_Boss_Chick's picture

VERY nice!! These pics make me so happy to see, even if I am not the one in them LOL!! Congrats to you!!


Hagargirl's picture

Thank you Jeanette! I was an amazing experience and I was a lucky girl. I waited for 33 yrs and good things do come to those that wait. Will you be in Tahoe?

I will send you a message on FB of how I came to get this pic of me and Sammy.

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I am SOOOO happy for you girl!!! And I simply LOVE this picture of you and Sammy!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!
Take care!!!


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My moment with Sammy in Vegas!! I have had quite the whirlwind week and 1/2. Been to Vegas to Houston and every where in between. Back to reality but what a great moment. I had the opportunity to chat with Sammy as well. Oh I am one happy girl and still on cloud nine!! =)