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Come on Redheads!! Read below & then click on the link & vote for Sammy! Let's show him he is #1. We can do this!!

2011 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards -- Artist of the Year
by: Matthew Wilkening

We saved the best (and toughest) category for last in the first annual
Ultimate Classic Rock awards. You're going to have to decide which artist
advanced the cause of rock and roll the most this year.

We're not asking which one is your favorite, but whose accomplishments
over the past 12 months were the most significant. We boiled it down to
four, and we're going to make the case for each one real quick:

Paul McCartney: First off, he's still carrying the flag for the Beatles
music (and his own solo career) high and proud at his amazing, marathon-
length concerts. He's also putting out fantastic reissues of his truest
solo albums, experimenting in new genres, and even dabbling in
documentaries. That's a pretty full slate!

Alice Cooper: Not only did Alice come up with our personal choice for
album and song of the year, he was enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame, criss-crossed the country with one hell of an impressive live show
and continues to spread the gospel of a wide variety of bands with his
syndicated radio show.

Sammy Hagar: Up for best song and album in the 2011 Ultimate Classic Rock
Awards with his new group Chickenfoot, wrote one of the most honest and
captivating biographies (in any field) of the past several years, tore it
up with his solo band in whatever he calls spare time, and was generally
the most unfiltered quote machine in the industry. Oh, and he just started
a rum company!

Nikki Sixx: The Motley Crue mastermind put together another spectacular
tour with his bandmates, released a very well received album with his
other current band, Sixx: A.M, has his own fast-growing syndicated radio
show and also wrote another inventive, critically acclaimed book. (Most of
which happened before we launched!)

That's some pretty exclusive company, right? So, who's gonna get your
vote? You have until 11:59 PM EST on Jan. 1, 2012 to decide, and the
winners will be announced on Jan. 3!

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Come on redheads get the vote out!!!!

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I voted for Sammy I hope more people do because hes in 2nd place with Alice Cooper.