July 09, 2010 by Hagargirl

I hope everyone had a great 4th and is having a great summer so far. The blogs and pics from all the Sammy shows have been great! I had hoped to make the St Louis show as a birthday gift to myself but as luck would have it I had the chance to spend it in San Antonio with my 2 BFF's! I also wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank you all for all the birthday wishes. I received over 150 birthday wishes on Facebook, text, phone calls and/or cards. It made my heart smile and I know that I am blessed. I would also like to thank all of you who donated to mine and Christie's Walk N Rock fund raiser. We raised $3750 and it was because of all of you!! Christie and I went to Sacramento and participated in the walk and then enjoyed the Sammy/Heart show. For those of you who don't know me that well, Heart is my favorite band along with Sammy so this show was 33 years in the making for me and I had the time of my life. For my birthday Christie bought me a VIP ticket and we were treated like Rock stars. WOW!!! For those who are friends with me on Facebook please take a look at all my pics from the Walk N Rock or any of my summer adventures. This has been a big summer for me so far and it just began!

I have been a Sammy fan since the late 70's but was not a part of the "Redhead" group until around 2007. I took some of my friends to see Sammy at Cesar's in Vegas in 2006. They had heard Sammy's name but had not heard any of his music. They fell completely in love as I had many years earlier and we have been fortunate to see many shows since then and have even been to the birthday bash in Cabo. It has been said many times by many people that Sammy and his music has brought a lot of people together and some of us have formed the best friends that we could have ever imagined and for some we have lost our best friends. I met most of you including my best friends at or because of Sammy's shows. I even lost my best friend this past spring at a Sammy show and I still have no clue why. No discussion and no explanation. This person decided that I was no longer valuable and just ended the friendship. I don't know how you do that but it sure makes me value the ones that I have even more and partly the reason for the blog.......... To let you all know I appreciate you and your friendship. I believe that music is a window into our lives and the music that we like is influenced by family, friends, the age we grew up in and of course our own personal choices. Music is a huge part of my life and can transport me to either good, bad, happy, tragic or even unforgettable moments. If we listen closely to our song choices we can actually get a small glimpse into each others windows. Music takes us on this continual journey called life. We can re-call or think of a song to describe a friend, an event or a situation when our own words are lacking. When I hear Creed's song "Away in Silence", Uncle Kracker's "Smile" Sammy's song "You Make Me Crazy" or even a couple of Heart songs I think about the friend that I lost this year and am sad, hurt and angry but on the same hand I can hear "You Make Me Crazy" I think of one of my best friend's crazy little dance to this song and laugh. I hear the song "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock and I think of a friend that I met in Cabo who I can text at 3:00 am and say I need to talk and he will call and talk to me for 2 or more hours and sing this song or any number of Journey songs just to make me feel better. I look to the future with Nickelback's song "Gotta Be Somebody". The point is our lives can be set to music and it is up to us to write the lyrics and song to our lives. Cherish the times with friends and family because our time is so limited. Look ahead to the future and keep rocking and rolling!!! As Bon Jovi would say "It's My Life" and that is the creed that I am living by at this moment.

See you all at a future Sammy show and for me that will be at the end of month in Vegas for the Sammy/Aerosmith. I hope to see you there.

Peace and much love!!


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