May 02, 2011 by Hagargirl

To all my Tahoe peeps I apologize in advance for the shape of Sammy and the Wabos when they arrive in Tahoe Friday. I really was trying to warm them up not wear them out but I couldn't help myself!!! It's not all my fault or maybe it is. ;-). Sammy hadn't played a big venue since the Oklahoma tour and holy cow was he on fire!! These were 2 great great shows and I had a great time. It started with a pre-party on Friday at the Coushatta and ended Sat night at the Chill club rock n rolling all night long with some of your crazy peeps. You know who you are. Then it was a chill day on Sun checking Biloxi out. I never made it to New Orleans for the Jazz festival. Next time. Thank you to who all those who showed up for the party and made it a memorable event and the reson that we keep doing these. I enjoyed meeting new Redheads and seeing all the old Redheads. I am sorry that I missed seeing a few on you but I will catch you all at another show soon!

Everybody have fun in Tahoe!! The shows are going to ROCK!! I will miss you all as I have not missed a show in Tahoe since 2007 but I will be thinking of all!

Peace and cheers!


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