Holiday Get Together/Gift Exchange

December 08, 2010 by Hagargirl

This is a reminder that we need a head count for anybody who plans on attending the holiday pre-party/gift exchange on 12/18. The last day to notify us of your attendance is 12/11. I have had some questions asking if you had to bring a gift to come and the answer is absolutely not. You will not be able to participate in the gift exchange but you can participate in the holiday cheer with drinks and food. We seriously did invite Sammy and the Wabos to join us. We have heard from Vic who said our party sounded like alot of fun. Wooohooo. I hope he will attend and that Dave , Mona & Sammy will follow his lead. But it sounds like Vic might show up for a bit. :-)). Thanks Vic!!!
So please send me an email via redrocker, Facebook or via a friend. We just need an accurate head count! See all you redheads next week! I have my gift ready! Safe travels to you all!!
Sammy clause is coming to Oklahoma!!

See all you redheads next week! My 1st show is Thursday! Who will be joining me??

Gina Rose

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Hey my friend!!

I should be thanking you!!! So thank you. OMG this is going to be soooo much fun.I have counted over 40 people so far. I can't wait to see you... I just wish you were getting to go to Thurs & Friday shows!! See you on Sat. Call me when you get to town!

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Hey Gina...thanks for posting this party! It looks like we are getting a bunch of great responses for the party...I can't wait!

Can't wait to see you on Saturday!

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We would love to have you guys attend! I will be at all 3 shows as well. I look forward to meeting you and all the other Redheads. We will meet at Toby Keith's bar at 3:00. Safe travels and see you next week!

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Hi Gina, I just saw this event and it sounds like fun but I'm past the cut off of the 11th. Can my husband and I still pop in? I will be at all three shows in Oklahoma and looking forward to meeting you and other RedHeads. Safe travels where ever your coming from.

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No worries Dave! I am glad it worked out! If you want to wait to give me $ until Biloxi that is cool. It will give me spending $ there. They sent tickets out yesterday. I will send when I get. See you guys in Biloxi. Have a good weekend.

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Have fun Gina.....I'm home now & will be getting the $ on the way. THX for the Biloxi tix!!!