October 03, 2011 by Hagargirl
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It is time to get Face Down in Cabo! Literally! I have come up with an idea and I sent out on the Redhead Family Facebook page but I realize that not everybody has Facebook so I am posting here as well.

Here is the idea:

We are all always talking about getting Face down in Cabo but what if we literally do it. On Oct 14th between 4-5 everybody is heading down to the Cantina and I am going to arrange the biggest face down/dog pile ever at the Cantina. All you have to do is show up between 4-5 and I will arrange us all face down and dogpile a few of us and take a panoramic picture or two of the big event. I will then take it and have it printed upon my return with hopes of giving it to Sammy. I will post the pics here in Redrocker and a link to the photo on facebook so that you all can have your own copy of the photo.

This should be a fun fun time and what better way to show our love for Sammy and literally do what we say we are going to do each year.

See you crazy peeps on Thursday and I hope to see a whole lotta of you on Oct. 14th.

FDIC and See you in Cabo!

Gina Rose

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