December 01, 2010 by Hagargirl

What a cluster today with Ticketbastards!! Biloxi tickets were late going on sale. I gave up after 30 minutes of trying thinking the Pre-sale tickets had already sold out but thanks to my friend Norma we got tickets! Pit 2nd row! Woohoo!!! Since I will not be going to Tahoe for Cinco de Mayo in May I wanted to make sure to get tickets for this show. I also found out today that my BFF is returning from overseas so this has been a good day!! =)

Now who's going to join us in Biloxi??

See you there!!

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Lol!! Wooky I can't make Tahoe in May. I know I know!!! :-((( I meant to email you guys earlier & I broke the news to Peter earlier this week. I want you guys to come to Biloxi instead! :-) I got the email. Check out flying into Dallas & going with me. We can figure it out...... I hope!!! If not you know I will come see you guys. I need to see my "daughter". Oh I got the card & pic!! :-)))))

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What you talking 'bout, no Tahoe? It's gonna be our one chance to see everybody next year. I guess that means your gonna have to come see us instead :-)

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Hey Dave!

They still had some presale tickets this morning. I think it was row 11. But I might know somebody with 2 extra. I won't know until later this month most likely but you know we can find you some! :-)) You guys have to go!! We need the El Tortuga group! Lol! I know I am sad I am not doing Tahoe but if you guys go I know you will represent me! Miss you guys & when I hear about those extra tickets I will let you know. GA tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00am CST.

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Hey Gina....missed out on pre-sale tix for this one. Was thinking it was a GA show like Tahoe?? Not sure if it's the website or my comp but I can't approve your friend request. Sorry to hear you're not making Cinco. Maybe we can swing a Biloxi trip, LMK if you hear about any extras. CYA Dave

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Well it would be helpful if I could spell! I meant Biloxi!! Lol! But you guys get it! =)