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September 06, 2013 by gvine

Was shut out on both lottery drawings. Can someone tell me what time I need to plan on lining up for dinner tickets on the 6 of October and will I be able to purchase for both the 7th and 9th shows?

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Sorry to hear what you have been dealing with! That's a tough thing! But yes to the 48 hours plus! It's a supply & demand thing now! You lock out all the regulars from getting tickets through the lottery & so there is no where else to get them! Keep in mind that once the line gets to corner or just around it, it will be possible you will not get them!
Good Luck! I will never go again until the lottery is gone!

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Doug, I have not been able to come for the last 2 yeard due to my fiance's cancer. I am coming this year, but wanted to make sure I understood you correctly - 48 hours for dinner tickets??? Usually it was about 24 hiurs if sidewalk time. I was locked out of all tickets (even second chance). You'd think an 18 year veteran who only needs one ticket would at least score for one night - so I guess I'll be wasting all my vaca time on a sidewalk!! God I miss the old days of walking up the night of a concert about 7pm and just walking right in !! C U N Cabo - really miss all my Cabo friends !! Been a rough year - lost my fiance - will be loosing my job of 18 years while I'm in Cabo and I am sooo ready for a Cabo party ! Anita from Ohio

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Line up 48 hours before the sale date, yup two days & nights on the sidewalk! If the line hits the corner of the block forget it because you won't get them!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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I know last year there were people who went "old school" and waited from the day before. This therefore is a tough question to really give you an answer to go off of. The reason why I referred to it is "old school" is cause back years ago Bash tickets were only available at the club, and people would camp out on the sidewalk area to get in.