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July 03, 2012 by gumby

My father was born October 12 1942 and this year will be his 70th birthday. When he turns 70 he will be the only person in our family history to achieve this milestone. My grandfather died when my dad was 18 so my family is very excited and forever fortunate that we have a family member who will make it to a 70th.

My father has vacationed in Cabo for years, and swore to me that Cabo Wabo was the best bar he has seen in his days (make no mistake this is from a thoroughbred connoisseur of canteens). I visited your establishments both in St. Louis and with my dad in Cabo last year and could not agree with his opinion more strongly. It was a fantastic evening even though the next day’s fishing was a tough go.

Sadly late last year we lost my brother and his youngest son at the age of 35 to type 1 diabetes. This past year has been harder for us more than I could ever have comprehended. I am hoping someone could suggest how I would be able to obtain tickets to your birthday bash this year. I would be eternally grateful for any help anyone can suggest for ensuring several of my family members will be able to attend your birthday bash this year. My dad would enjoy nothing better than to spend his first day at 70 partying with you and your most dedicated redheads at Cabo Wabo.

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Sorry for the first paragraph, must have pasted to the blog incorrectly.