A few questions for Sammy's Team

June 15, 2017 by GSK_Canada
A few questions for Sammy's Team
The Poison Apple Lounge

A few questions for Sammy, Kari and Renata.

My business partner and I have been trying to secure start-up financing for a lounge we hope to open this fall, and were wondering what the best approach would be.
A little info:
The Poison Apple will be a cider - wine - hard tea - hard soda - citrus beer - dessert lounge with live "unplugged" music.
We are mixing tech, by incorporating table mounted tablets so tables may "chat" with each other and feel social pressures.
The wines and ciders will be paired with in-house desserts to create a real taste experience to satisfy peoples tech and sweet tooth cravings.

Has anyone had experience with social lending networks or stand alone investors?
Is there a particular methodology to the approach?
What is the best way to penetrate the marketplace to find a stand-alone investor?

I ask these things since we seem to be getting nowhere quite rapidly and want to get this moving forward.
Any advice…and ONLY advice would be great since Sammy is iconic when it comes to business. From Rum to Tequila to Taverns…it is very impressive….oh yeah…..the music is great also..lol.
"Poets and musicians have the best advice. Their knowledge comes directly from the heart and soul so you know it is genuine." gsk


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