tickets for Oct 9 11 or 13

August 16, 2011 by gregoryb078

Help...the website did absolutely nothing to enable ticket purchases, I signed in at 12noon to purchase and said sold out for 12 noon sale!! Also tried other dates. I have accomodations and airfare spent to the tune of 2K..Need 2 tickets any night except 7th...

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I may have 2 for the 13, and one for the 9. the one for the 9 would be $110. You have to get a wrist band with the buyers name on it and a guest band at the same time both people have to be presant. So wud not be using the band with my name on it since my husband wud not be going.

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thanks yes,..How much do you want? I will be arriving on the 8th staying at cabo villas..they dont have names on them do they? I thought I heard something about names...

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I have one for the 11th...