Tickets For 2015 Birthday Bash

August 03, 2015 by greenvic

I am confused to register for tickets it says only two tickets for household, but I and reading that people were picked for two show's, how is this fair. If someone was drawn twice they need to select the date and put those tickets back into the general population for other people to have a chance to see the show this is bullshit!!!

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HELP, REDHEADS! We are going to be in Cabo October 11-18 as a bucket list trip for my best friend, who is turning 50 the same day as Sammy's birthday! We did not get tickets for any of the days and I am desperate to get him to the show on October 11th or 13th. Does anyone have a ticket or two we could buy? Thank you for considering my plea to make his 50th birthday in Cabo the best bucket list present EVER!

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You are awesome! Obviously my name didn't get drawn.....AGAIN! Maybe because of you, My sister and I will get a 2nd chance!
No matter what......we will be in CABO! Hope to meet some more of you "COOL" Sammy Fans! Sincerely, Cabo Billy Sue

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I thank you for returning the tickets of the other night. I put in for three shows and came out with none. I hope to hit one show on the second chance. I would be delighted to hit just for ONE show. I am going for night two, three, and four and staying at the Tesoro. If any fellow RedHead can help me out please e-mail me at I am looking for two tickets.

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We won two nights as well. I think it's fine to be able to enter for multiple nights after spending the money to go to Cabo. Gives you a better chance to make the trip worth it. That said - we love Redheads and we are turning in one night of tickets (7th) to the 2nd chance lottery so someone else can have a chance to attend the bash. Best of luck to all of you!

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I thank you for returning those other tickets and giving other RedHeads a chance to get them. I hope others who won multiple nights will follow your lead. It really irks me to see people win ALL four shows and then others who put in for ALL get none.

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Yeah, it says two tickets per household, per show!! You could put in for all four shows.

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I agree with you on this. I'm one of those people that won tickets for multiple shows. The 9th and the 11th.
My buddy won tickets for the 13th which is my birthday and the show I really wanted tickets for.
If it makes you feel any better all of my tickets are going back and we are just going to go on the 13th.
I hope others that won multiple nights are doing this.
I mean I love Sammy but one show is enough for me. Lots of other things I want to do in Cabo that week.
Good luck in the 2nd chance drawing!