A little levity

December 30, 2011 by GraphicDave

Here's the story of a Blonde woman... who prided herself on being self sufficient. Unfortunately she was short on cash so she decided to visit a friend who might have some work around the house.
She knocked on the door at Mr. H's house and he answered, "hey sweetie, what's happening?"
"Well Sam, I need to make some money. Do you have anything I can do around here?"
Sam smiled (heh heh heh) :::but seriously:::
"Sure, you can paint my porch"
He led her to the back yard and showed her the shed where he keeps the paint. "here's some rollers and brushes. I've got some tarps. You paint my porch and I'm going up to my studio. Come knock on the door if you have any questions."
Not much more than an hour passed when he hears a knock, "Sammy, I'm all finished!"
"Really, you painted the whole thing?"
"Yeah Sammy, two coats!" "but", she giggled, "it's a Ferrari, not a Porche"

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