2017 Birthday Bash

January 08, 2017 by glenuik

Looking forward to your 70th Birthday Bash Sammy! Planning on making the trip from Canada!

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Heading down from Newnan GA! See you on the 13th!

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I was messaged earlier about birthday bash tickets I was not able to comit at that time since my spouse Christian required surgery for cancer. Things are better know do you have two tickets available

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Is today the drawing? So excited to find out if I am a lucky winner so I can get my flights booked!!!!

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The lottery is usually around the end of July. If you're subscribed to receive email updates from this website, info will be sent out a few days prior to the start of the lottery registration. You've got a week to register. Let me know if you need more info.

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Canada (Near Toronto) here also...Booking the lodging right now...tix or not it's a hell of a good time!!
See you Redheads down there...11th-12th Birthday bash trip to Cabo(can't remember a couple)
Shot of Jack at the Jungle bar to start this off proper!

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Hoping the venue and tickets come out soon!! Can't get Sammy to come to Kona for the Mai Tai Festival, so I'm going to Cabo to celebrate our birthdays together! Cheehewwwww!

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We have a group going from St. Louis for the first time! We are so excited but feeling a little lost with the lottery/ticket deal. Are there any updates as to when the lottery begins? Will we get any sort of notice ahead of time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Do we know what's up with the Birthday Bash this year? Is it the 20,000 person outdoor venue is the bar? Is it lottery or everyone's invited baby!

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Yes, me too! Coming from Calgary

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My wife and I are planning our first trip to Cabo this year. Can't wait 'till things are announced.

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Sammy did an interview in May with a St Louis radio station and he said but not set in stone an outdoor venue for up to 20,000 people was in the works and needed to be approved by the Mexican officials, and the dates he stated the 12th,13&14th of October, having it at the Cabo Wabo is more personal, but if everyone gets to come what a party...

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Everything is booked, lottery or not we will b there waiting an enjoying Cabo !

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Do you know the dates of his birthday bash?

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Do you know the dates?

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No tickets ... worst case scenario, we hang at the Rainbow Shot BAR!!!

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Is Sammy usually there that whole week of his Birthday? We get there on Sat the 14th

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They start the lottery at the end of July. I think you can camp out for the dinner combo tix when you're there. I've tried for the last few years and never hit the lottery. I'm going this year anyway. Not waiting for tix.

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I've been researching the hell out of this. How do you tickets for the concert? Are there 3day tickets/passes? Any help would be great!

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Im going! First time! From Norway! Alone! Cant wait! Any info I need to know? Tickets?

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Coming all the way from Norway by myself! First timer! Can`t wait! Are there any info coming (tickets, etc) or is just to meet up!? :D
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Im going! First time! From Norway! Really hope to catch a glimpse of Sammy when Im there! Do we buy tickets here?

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So excited.....I am going this year, just booked my trip as part of the KSHE 95 anniversary trip down! After trying three years in a row I will final get this off my bucket list!

One downer....I will be going alone

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We will be making the trek for the 70th bash. What is considered to be the best accommodations. Is there anything nice within walking distance or must we rely on the transportation system.

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The outdoor beach show was only for the 10-13 show not all. They have done shows outside the Cabo Wabo but do not see that happening again due to the logistics involved.

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We saw 3 shows last year, even if you don't win tickets in the lottery you can stand in the overflow line and get in most of the time. But I would think that if the shows are done outside of the Cantina that there wont be a lottery, if that's the case book your room early! lol

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That is what I heard during a Michael Anthony interview. I would love to be there but I here there is a lottery that goes on to gain entry. I will definitely make the trek from Alberta Canada if I can get a couple of tickets. Thanks for touching base. Greg

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We will be back again, can't wait. At last year's bash he talked about doing the shows on the beach this year so everyone can come for the 70th and see the shows.

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We are planning a group of 8. Life long dream to make it to the birthday bash! Anyone know when and how you can sign up for the lottery and if it's still max of 2 per person?

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we will be there as well...FDIC 2017