Sammy Please give me those stage tickets to make up for Comerica Park!!!

This is an entry to the Redrocker Ohio Giveaway Contest.

Ok Sammy, Sorry the video is so shaky was here by myself and had to record myself. Me and my best friend Teresa came to Comerica Park to see you. a 4 hour road trip by the way. I am a super redhead Sammy! It was like my 30th time seeing you and her first. So I paid for two tickets $250 each for VIP tickets. Not to see Kid Rock but to see you!!! And you got rained out a big part of your show. So anyway me and Teresa came up with these great ideas to do a video for this contest so we could see you again, and even better stage tickets!! Well Teresa and I got in a stupid fight this week. So we are mending fences but I didn't get the video done with her and saw today was the last day. So thought I would give it a shot myself. Not as funny or as comical as we had planned but just a video from the heart saying I love you, and I love my best friend Teresa and wanna get these stage tickets and take yet another road trip with her and make up for our stupid fight and have fun again!!! Love ya Sammy thanks for considering my video and helpin a sista out! Peace.

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