Birthday Bash Lodging

July 25, 2017 by Geodublin

While we've been fans for over 30 years this is our first Birthday Bash. Can anyone recommend places to stay? Thanks in advance.

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Last year was the first time I entered and I got picked, not so lucky this year though. We stayed at the Marina Fiesta, you can even make the walk back from Cabo after drinking all the 2 for 1 margaritas you can drink, have fun, it's an experience.

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The RIU Palace is no longer under construction, it has been renovated..

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If it is your first visit to Cabo, I don't recommend staying in San Jose. Try Cabo Villas, Villa Del Palmar, Casa Dorado, Marina Fiesta. You can walk to Cabo Wabo from all these places. SJ is a drive and an expensive cab ride. Hope to see you at the Cantina!

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We stayed at the Riu Sante Fe at last years Bday Bash, It was nice, Vinnie Paul (drummer from Pantara) was there. The Riu Palace is a little more upscale but it was under construction. You can walk the beach to downtown (takes about 20 to 30 minutes depending on your speed). We thoroughly enjoyed it....Hey Its Cabo!!!...another Tequila Shot!!!...Please...haha

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Yup, what the other guy said. Finnestera and
Marina Fiesta both nice places I've stayed. No tickets this year but I'll be there, trying the RIU Santa Fe all inclusive this year. Have Fun!

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All 88 rooms at the Mar De are booked... But stop by and have a beer by the pool....

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If you want to be within Cabo Wobble distance then look into the Mar De Cortez, Tesoro, Sandos Finnisterra, and Marina Fiesta. I listed them in order from closeness.