Naperville Ribfest 2010

July 06, 2010 by gdwild

Great show and a most excellent experience! My sons have grown up not only listening to Sammy, but listening to my stories about his shows in Cabo and elswhere. I was finally able to bring them due to the type of venue and they rocked out! So great to share my love of Sammy with my sons! Show rocked. Sammy played more lead guitar than I have seen in many, many years and was rippin'! Voice sounded great and Wabos super tight. Man Sammy, you really do keep getting better with age, its gotta be the vitamin 'T'! While so many of my other favorites seem to be going through the motions of their catalog music, I feel like Sammy is playing with just as much enthusiasm and rock energy as he was 30 years ago! Thanks Sammy, much love my brother!

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