2011 Birthday Bash

April 29, 2011 by garyshev

Hello redheads,

Was wondering if anyone could help me out here? I am new to this and was wondering where and when 2011 Birthday Bash tickets go on sale? I turn 50 this yr and my wife and I have decided we would like to go to cabo and spend time at the Bash along with about 10 of our friends. I need to know the dates so I can make reservations and airline tickets.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In advance,

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Well I now have the vacation time approved, I have picked out the resort we want to stay at with the airfare. Just need to get all the friends going with us together and book it all. Will work on the concert tickets when they are available.
thanks again for all the help,
gary shevlin

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Sure man. Last year was my 1st so I wanted to know all I could. Plus I had my 5' 1" wife with me so i was concerned about that too. I was at the 1st and last show. Very different vibes...to say the least. To be honest, I enjoyed the 1st show more. His show on 10/13 was a better set list but the crowd was much different.

It was a great experience regardless at both shows. The people you meet is awesome and is like a family. Let me know if I can help in anyway. Happy to support a fellow redhead!!


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Thank you again Micheal, for a first timer the information you have provided me is invaluable.

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There will be a post on redrocker.com but the tickets are sold on a partnering site. And you do not get a "ticket". You get a confirmation and then you bring that and a picture ID to the Cantina, day of the show, and they will give you a wrist band.

Watch this site and they will guide you. It was very clear and detailed last year.

Good luck and I hope you get tickets!! It is 100% worth it.

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Thanks for the reply. There is no doubt that I will be in Cabo for the bash this year. I just want to get tickets for the Show.

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Thanks your information will help. Do they sell the tickets from the redrocker site?

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Hey I would love to go to the birthday bash, cuz I was born on oct. 13,like Sammy. Not this year,but hopefully, in a year or two when I can save enough money,lol
Good luck and have fun if you get to go

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Last year, tickets went on sale in early August. Each hour a new concert went on sale. (e.g. 12pm - Tickets for 10/8. 1pm Tickets for 10/9 etc)

The dates change slightly year to year. Naturally you can bank on 10/13 but the 3 other shows before his birthday vary. There are some buffer days in-between shows. Last year it was the 8th, 9th, 11th & 13th if I remember correctly.

Worth noting, last year a show was pushed back a day based on Sammy being "ill". He joked on stage the Tequila may have had something to do with it! It was less funny for those who flew in for only that show. I was lucky. I saw opening night and his actual birthday show.

Have fun and good luck!