Going to Oklahoma concert Yeah!! Welcoming Sammy!!!

December 03, 2010 by garybrown.1

Hey who all is going to see Sammy at First Councial Casino? The concert for the 17th? See ya there..

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Hey Sammy!! Really big fan! I mean really big!!! I'm old enough to have been around from the very start! Montrose! All your single Sammy albums! All the killer van halen stuff!! I even predicted that when David lee dumbass left! That there was only one logical replacement!! Sammy of course!! By the way! In my opinion! Standing Hampton is the best album from start to finish that's ever been made!! I'm a little biased though!! You kept van halen a household name! Without you? Van Halen would have been nothing!! The proof? Look at them now!! Without eddy? They are nothing! I have every single song you have done on my iPod! By the way? Bill Church was one the most overlooked underrated guitar players of all time!! What happened to him? After you left Van halen I knew you would be back rockin as usual!! And you didn't let us down!! All the wabo albums have been awesome!! And taking Michael with you? Pure genius!! I can tell that you and him are like brothers!! I have one wish before I die!! See you at your place in Cabo!! I have had two dogs in the last 25 yrs and they are Vizslas? Don't know if you have heard? But they are redheads too! Both have had the registered names of Sammy the red rocker!! I was listening to the local radio in Wichita a few days ago and heard you were coming to first council in Newkirk Ok. Had to be there!! VIP seats!! Yesss!!!!!! Hope you do some oldies and goodies there!! Look for the guy up front singing along and rockin to every song!!! I've seen you at least 20 times in the last 30 yrs!! Kansas coliseum during Ozzfest!! Several times in Kansas City and my most memorable show was seeing you at Lloyd Noble in Oklahoma City!! Krokus opened for you!! Kicked ass!! The shows you did on emerils cooking show were cool!! Felt like I saw the real Sammy for the first time!! Can't wait for the show? Keep rockin dude!! Your the best!!

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Me & JoAnne are going! Dec 16th is my 10-13 and she said I'm taking you to see Sammy! Let the party begin!

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I will be there!!! Taking my wife and nine year old son!!!