From United Kingdom to Maui

January 15, 2016 by Garry Cooke
From United Kingdom to Maui
Ironwood Beach Maui 5th October 2015
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Hi Sammy,don't know if you will get to read this, but wanted to share this little story with you. Elaine and I got together in 1980 just shortly after seeing you play at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester England September 1979 where Def Leppard supported you. After that amazing gig we have loved you ever since.
We got engaged but unfortunately we only lasted 4 years.
After years of pain and not finding love i met my soul mate again in 2012. After all those years that had gone by we still had everything in common.
So to make all our dreams come true we decided that Maui was the only place to get married 5th October 2015. We in stayed in Lahaina. Thought there may be a slight chance of bumping into you but you were probably in Cabo.
On the way back we got held up for 7 hours at Maui Airport, wasn't to bad though, we got to go through all your cocktails at the grill.
I gave the manager their a few photos of our wedding day and asked her to see if you would sign them and forward them onto us. Was probably a long shot but worth a try.
Also we went into the Alexander Daas shop in San Francisco for some glasses, the guy their was really impressed with my Cabo Wabo tattoo and ended up taking a photo. He said if he saw you he would get you to sign it and forward it onto me. No luck with that one as yet.
Anyway thats our story. Saving hard to try and get to Cabo and Maui again. Love that island.

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From United Kingdom to Maui
From United Kingdom to Maui
Wedding Day Drinks
From United Kingdom to Maui
From United Kingdom to Maui